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We have come up with a simple solution (which behaves much the same way as the World Wide Web) that will completely disrupt and transform the Taxi Market. Simple because it does not involve any complex & costly acquisitions, does not require changing habits, does not involve investment by taxi operators, booking agents, market not restricted to the mobile-savvy etc.

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  • Taxi booking facility in his locality by his familiar shop.
  • All tech enabled booking monitoring tools
  • Online customers can choose their cab based on ratings โ€“ listing of cabs as per their rating
  • Most competitive rates based on reverse auction as savings get passed on to customer
  • Ride sharing to make one way travel very economical.
  • Transparent pricing
  • En-route assistance in case of breakdowns โ€“ Cab nearest to the breakdown location can be sent immediately
  • Peace of Mind โ€“ Since status of cabs on the portal is Real-Time, definitive service delivery is assured

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