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SAP Rising Hospitality Pvt. Ltd., incorporated in the year 2009, are a professionally managed company having interest in HOSPITALITY & RADIO CAB business.

MY24X7CAB - Safe and Sure!

With a flag off by the Hon'ble Chief Minister, My24x7Cab was launched on 22nd November, 2013 as the first Radio Taxi service in Lucknow licensed by the Government. This safe, comfortable, sophisticated and personalized Radio Cab service has added a new dimension to the public transport system of the City.

Our fully automatic Taxi Despatch System uses the latest and the most advanced technology ensuring that our cabs reach you on time, every time you book your My24x7Cab with us.

All our cabs drive on CNG - hence it’s your contribution to the environment every time you use My24x7Cab.

SUITE HOMES - your home away from home!

We are a major player in the field of Serviced Apartments, having footprints in Lucknow, Indore and Kolkata. We operate in your city under the brand name of “The Suite Homes - your home away from home”. Since the inception in the year 2009, we have made huge strides and today, enjoy the patronage of over 50 top Corporate in all these locations.

The facilities are equipped with all the modern amenities required by a today’s travelling executive. The facilities offer the simple concept of bed and breakfast and combine the flexibility of apartment living with the services of a hotel.

We benchmark our services to the best in the Industry.

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